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Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Talked About Scene - "Daniel's Standoff w/ Dante"

Daniel Salazar reveals his true loyalties in a tense confrontation with Dante.

While on patrol, Daniel spots Strand looking for Dante in the water distribution line.

Daniel brings water to Strand in his cell and asks if Ofelia is alive. Strand tells him Ofelia is waiting for him at a hotel down the coast. He begs Daniel to help him escape so that they can go to Ofelia. “She’s waiting for you,” says Strand. Daniel calls Strand’s bluff: Ofelia wouldn’t be waiting for him if she believed he was dead. Daniel leaves Strand to rot in the cell.

Daniel finds Dante interrogating Efrain. Dante orders Daniel to torture Efrain until he reveals the person who helps him steal the water.

Daniel quietly advises Efrain against talking and offers to kill him quickly. He punches Efrain repeatedly and commands him to confess. As he prepares to swing a hammer at Efrain, Lola runs over and stops him, outing herself as Efrain’s accomplice.

Dante and J.C. take Efrain, Lola, Strand and Pablito to the dam catwalk for execution. Dante pushes Pablito over the edge despite his pleas of innocence.

Lola is next up to be executed, but Daniel has a different plan. He head-butts J.C., shoots him, then kills Dante.

Daniel asks Lola to be forgiven, then hands over his gun to her and kneels before her. Lola holds out her hand to Daniel.

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