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Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Full Recap - "Things Bad Begun / Sleigh Ride"

Season 3 Episodes 15 & 16

"Things Bad Begun / Sleigh Ride"

Strand's motives are made clear when Nick discovers a new threat descending on the dam; Madison faces a horrifying revelation. Strand's loyalty is tested when the dam clashes with an adversary. The Clark family is pushed to new extremes as Madison reckons with her past.

Nick slaughters Infected in the streets and collects their heads in a shopping cart.

Nick sells the heads to El Matarife, who removes the locus coeruleus glands from each head to sell to the Proctors.

The Proctors ingest the harvested organs to help them fight longer and harder. He mentions that the Proctors are gearing up for something big.

Troy sees the Proctors mobilizing and asks one of the men what’s happening.

Troy tracks down Nick at a bar and tells him that Madison is in trouble.

Strand joins Madison at the dam and tries to comfort her about Alicia and Nick's departures. He offers her some scotch.

Alicia and Diana drive to the trading post to sell Infected body parts. Bandits crash into their car and try to steal their goods. Alicia and Diana fight them. Alicia scares them off with a rifle and finds Diana with a broken leg.

Walker gives Ofelia’s rosary to Daniel. They both express a desire to know what happened in the final hours at the ranch.

Madison and Strand drink heavily together.

Strand tells Madison that he’s never killed a living person. Madison says that it’s just a matter of time. Daniel informs Madison that Nick has arrived at the dam.

Nick and Troy relay what they learned at the Bazar to Madison, Strand, Daniel, Lola and Efrain: The Proctors are planning to raid the dam.

Efrain proposes using C-4 explosives to blow up the dam and release the water to the people. Daniel suggests they post guards at the dam’s entryways and use the explosives as a bargaining chip, threatening to blow up the dam if the Proctors don’t negotiate with them. Strand urges Madison to leave with Nick, but Madison insists on staying to help. Troy volunteers to help set up the explosives.

Nick insists Madison leave the dam before the Proctors show up. She admonishes Nick for using again and orders him to eat some food.

Walker and Crazy Dog pack their bags. Walker informs Madison that they’re heading north to search for members of their tribe. Madison shakes their hands.

Alicia stands by Diana’s side as a doctor, Eddie, sets her leg in a cast. Eddie commends Alicia’s medical skills and asks for her assistance in an upcoming surgery.

Nick forces Strand to confess that he made a deal with Proctor John to facilitate a takeover of the dam in exchange for a role as steward of the dam. Strand explains that Proctor John agreed to spare Madison and Nick as part of the deal but worries that once Daniel and Lola resist the attack, the deal will no longer be honored by the Proctors.

Daniel corners Nick and demands to know how the horde found the ranch.

Nick insists he and Troy tried to redirect the Infected after spotting them on the outskirts. Daniel senses Nick is lying and locks the door to the room.

Madison and Troy set up explosives under the dam. Madison thanks Troy for looking after Nick. Troy switches on the receiver and hands it to Madison.

Daniel interrogates Nick and again demands to know who led the horde to the ranch. Nick covers for Troy.

Eddie introduces Alicia to Proctor John, who is bound to a wheelchair. Proctor John details his plan to expand his drug empire but explains that the growth on his spine, which causes paralysis, has hindered his plans. He orders Alicia to assist Eddie, who will be operating to remove the growth. He warns her that his brothers will kill everyone in the room if the surgery fails.

Daniel continues to interrogate Nick. Nick finally says that Jake led the herd to the ranch after learning that Nick killed his father. Daniel releases Nick.

Eddie begins the surgery and slices into Proctor John’s back. Alicia distracts Proctor John by holding his hand and asking about his family. Proctor John screams.

Daniel notices dam water pumping in the wrong direction. Strand assures him that Lola has it under control.

Nick tells Madison and Troy that Strand sold them out to the Proctors. Madison insists on warning Daniel and Lola, but Nick says that Daniel will kill Troy if he sees him. Madison presses Nick for an explanation. Troy admits that he led the horde to the ranch. Madison punches Troy and fatally slams his head with a hammer. She takes the detonator.

Eddie finishes the surgery. Alicia breathes a sigh of relief when Proctor John demonstrates movement in his toes. A soldier informs Proctor John that his men are about to enter the tunnel pipes. Proctor John orders Alicia to join his crew.

Daniel and Lola rush to the pump room to determine why the dam water is flowing the wrong way. Strand holds them at gunpoint and reveals his deal with the Proctors. Daniel lunges at Strand and gets shot in the chin while trying to grab the gun. Lola helps Daniel to his feet.

The Proctors infiltrate the dam through the unguarded tunnels. Daniel’s men ambush the Proctors. Gunfire breaks out, killing Efrain. A Proctor brother confronts Strand about the ambush. Strand assures him that Lola and Daniel are dead.

Strand brings Madison and Nick to a remote room and promises to try and keep them safe. He takes the detonator, locks their door and leaves.

In a fantasy, Madison cooks a Christmas turkey in Otto’s house. She sees a truck approaching the house.

Madison steps outside and joins Nick and Luciana in a cemetery. Luciana holds a baby in her arms. Madison sees Alicia’s name on a grave. She tries to follow Nick and Luciana, but they ignore her and drive off.

In reality, Proctor John rides a Zodiac toward the dam with Alicia and his men. They see bodies floating in the water. Strand greets them at the dock and exchanges quick glances with Alicia. John admonishes Strand for the unanticipated resistance from dam guards.

Strand quietly assures Alicia that Madison and Nick are alive and in hiding. He vows to help them escape if she agrees to work with him.

In the locked room, Nick criticizes Madison for killing Troy. He accuses her of secretly wishing he had died during the darker days of his addiction. Madison swears that she never wanted her son dead. Someone knocks on the door as gunfire erupts outside.

Lola applies pressure to Daniel’s gunshot wound and marvels that he’s still alive. She leaves him in an underground room while she goes to find Efrain.

Alicia changes John’s surgery dressing. John asks how she knows Strand. Alicia admits that Strand helped her family escape L.A. and that Strand and her mother are friends. She asks John to spare Madison. He agrees on the condition that Alicia comes to Houston with him and his crew. She agrees.

Strand checks in on Madison and Nick. Madison holds him at gunpoint but releases him when he reveals that Alicia is at the dam with John. He instructs Madison and Nick to change into worker uniforms so that he can sneak them out. He admits that he shot Daniel but didn’t kill him. Without other options, Madison and Nick reluctantly acquiesce to his plan.

Lola finds Efrain dead in her office and cries. She sees Strand in a security camera feed and strides out of the office with a gun.

Strand walks Madison and Nick across a bridge on top of the dam. John’s men kill Lola’s guards and throw them over the bridge. Strand tells John’s men that their boss asked him to kill Madison and Nick personally.

The escape is short-lived as Lola attacks the group and guns down several of John’s men. John shoots her dead and discovers Strand trying to smuggle Madison and Nick.

Daniel wakes up in the underground room.

Alicia reunites with Madison. One of John’s men recognizes Nick from the trading post and recalls that he was with another man. John decides to kill Nick, who he deems untrustworthy, and must therefore also kill Madison and Alicia, knowing they'll seek revenge for Nick's murder.

Madison, Nick and Alicia walk across the dam bridge together. Nick hugs Strand goodbye then gets in position for his execution. Strand tells John that the dam is rigged with explosives and reaches into his pocket to pull out the detonator, but comes up empty. Nick reveals that he took the detonator while hugging Strand.

In the Christmas fantasy, Madison serves turkey to Daniel, Otto, Troy, Jake, Coop and Walker, who are all dressed up. Strand arrives with a stack of presents. Madison removes the lid off the turkey platter and sees Otto’s head. Walker chops off Jake’s arm. Blood covers the table. Strand leaves the party. Madison follows Strand outside and finds a cemetery.

Back at the dam, Nick threatens to detonate the explosives unless John allows Madison, Alicia and Strand to escape. Alicia urges Nick to come with them, but John points out that Nick cannot leave the detonator’s range. Nick calls the negotiations his “suicide note.” John agrees to his conditions.

Strand, Madison and Alicia run from the dam.

Daniel, still alive, attacks two of John’s men and procures a gun.

Strand, Madison and Alicia reach the Zodiac and launch into the water. Meanwhile, John tries to convince Nick to join him. Nick refuses.

The Zodiac motor dies. John realizes that Nick cannot detonate the explosives until his family is out of range of the explosion. His men close in on Nick.

Daniel finds Lola’s body on the bridge. He puts Ofelia’s rosary in Lola’s hand and strides forward

Strand, Madison and Alicia fix the motor and power ahead.

As the Proctors close in on Nick, a shot rings out. Walker and Crazy Dog snipe at John’s men from a distance.

John accuses Nick of bluffing and orders his men to kill Nick. Walker and Crazy Dog shoot more of his men. Daniel reaches the group and starts shooting. Nick flips the switch and detonates the explosives. The dam breaks apart as John and his men flee.

Walker and Crazy Dog watch Madison, Alicia and Strand struggle to escape the current created by the imploding dam. Unable to do anything to save their friends, they decide to continue north as planned.

Water bursts through the dam.

Daniel reaches Nick. They teeter on the dam bridge as water fills the valley.

In the Christmas fantasy, Madison walks through the cemetery and stops at Otto’s grave. A hand shoots out and pulls her into the grave.

Madison plunges into the water.

In the fantasy, Travis pulls Madison out of the grave, but she slips back in.

Madison sinks underwater then opens her eyes. She kicks to the surface and sees bodies all around her. She swims to the river bed and sees people flocking to the shore, filling containers with water released from the dam.

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