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Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Full Recap & Talked About Scenes - "The Unveiling / Children of Wrath"

Jake heads through the wilderness on his way to the Black Hat Reservation hoping to parley with Walker. When he hears footsteps on his trail, he hides in the brush then pops out, gun aimed at his pursuer.

Alicia turns out to be the one on his tail. She’s come to tell him that Walker killed the Trimbols. She warns him against talking to a killer like Walker but Jake sticks to his mission. Alicia decides to joins him.

Alicia and Jake arrive at the Black Hat Cafe. They’re surrounded by armed guards who confiscate Jake and Alicia’s weapons. Walker emerges, machete in hand, and drops a severed pig’s head on the ground in front of them.

Back at the ranch, Madison informs Nick that Alicia is missing. Otto remarks that Jake, too, is gone. Nick offers to go after Alicia and Jake, but Otto suggests he train with Troy before embarking on such a dangerous mission. Jake always comes back.

Jake and Alicia join Walker for lunch. Walker looks confused when Alicia calls him out for killing the Trimbols. Jake asks Walker to honor their prior court agreements and end the violence, but Walker says court decisions are no longer relevant. He orders Jake to vacate Black Hat territory but agrees to discuss a parley after their meal. Alicia is surprised to see their waiter is Ofelia.

Nick signs up for Troy’s militia and pointedly tells Troy that he wants to protect himself from whoever killed the Trimbols. Troy gives him a gun.

Ofelia apologizes to Alicia for abandoning the group at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. She says that Walker took her in and insists the nation are good people. Alicia points out that Walker killed a family two nights ago but Ofelia insists that Walker did not carry out any missions at that time.

Jake informs Alicia that Walker agreed to a parley. He asks Alicia to return to the ranch and tell Otto that Walker will refrain from further violence in exchange for a tribute and a hostage swap. He plans to stay behind as Walker’s hostage but Alicia insists on being the hostage so that Jake can personally deliver the terms to Otto.

Nick cuts his hair and tells Madison he’s keeping his enemies close, referring to Troy.

Jake returns to the ranch with Ofelia, his hostage. Madison yells at Jake for leaving Alicia with Walker. Jake assures her that Walker will honor the hostage swap and Alicia is safe.

Walker proudly shows Alicia the helicopter that they shot down. Alicia tells Walker she was in the chopper when it went down and that he killed one of her family members. Walker compares her contempt for him with the hatred he feels toward the Ottos.

Jake tells Otto that Walker agreed to end the violence in exchange for bottled water. Madison worries about Alicia’s safety but Jake again assures her that Alicia is safe.

Walker shows the skull of his great grandfather to Alicia and explains that they had to desecrate their ancestors’ graves to save the skeletons from the Ottos. He says that Black Hat relics prophesied an apocalypse that would shed the land of the impure and return the land to his people.

Madison asks Troy to help rescue Alicia. Troy hesitates, preferring to see how Jake’s parley plays out. Madison points out that he owes her a favor for not turning the ranch against him.

Ofelia paces around the ranch pantry. Otto joins her and maintains that no one wants war. He asks her not to complicate matters with “old business,” alluding to when he attacked her at the border. Ofelia agrees.

Troy, Nick and several militia soldiers sneak into Black Hat headquarters and rescue Alicia. Nick spots a guard approaching and tackles the guard, who Troy then shoots. Gunfire breaks out. Madison picks up the rescue team with Alicia in a truck.

Madison’s group returns to the ranch. Jake admonishes them for essentially declaring war on Walker’s nation. Madison admits that she convinced Troy to help save Alicia and accuses Jake of getting played by Walker.

The next day, Jake packs water to bring to Walker. Troy worries about Jake’s safety, but Jake leaves anyway.

Alicia tells Ofelia that she doesn’t have to go back to Walker. Ofelia warns Alicia to leave the ranch.

Jake brings the water to Black Hat and insists it was Troy’s idea to rescue Alicia. Walker starts to scalp Jake but Ofelia stops him at the last second. Walker threatens to kill Jake and Troy in front of Otto and then burn Otto alive.

A Black Hat messenger dumps Ofelia at the ranch gate. Her face is beaten up.

Otto, Madison, Jake and Troy question Ofelia, who claims that Walker kicked her out because he suspected her of helping Alicia escape. A guard takes her to the infirmary. Madison regrets letting Ofelia return to Walker, given her promise to Ofelia’s father that she would look after Ofelia.

Madison tells Ofelia she can stay at the ranch. Ofelia offers to help in the kitchen.

Troy orders his militia to guard the perimeter for the next 48 hours.

In the bunkhouse, Alicia asks Madison how they can be sure that Walker killed the Trimbols. Madison doesn’t answer.

On the perimeter, the militia soldiers start to scream and vomit. Coop calls a medic on his walkie.

Madison and Alicia wake up to the sounds of screams. They run outside. Ofelia lingers behind.

Coop tries to radio Jimmy but Jimmy lays dead by the perimeter fence. He begins to reanimate.

Coop runs through the camp and urges people to get inside their tents. He’s attacked by an infected Jimmy.

Madison, Nick and Alicia slaughter the Infected in the camp. Nick sees Ofelia standing in the bunkhouse doorway and calls her name. She runs. Nick falls to the ground in pain and realizes that Ofelia is responsible for the illness. Madison chases after Ofelia.

In a flashback, Ofelia crosses the border into the U.S. and makes her way through the desert. A spray of bullets lands around her as an unseen assailant shoots at her. She hides behind a tree, but the shooter finds her. It’s Otto.

Otto brings Ofelia to his truck and interrogates her. Ofelia asks for a ride, but Otto says that “brown people” are not welcome at his home. She spits at him. He drives off.

Ofelia wanders through the desert and collapses, near death. She hallucinates and sees her father.

Walker discovers her in this state. He gives her water and brings her to the Black Hat. Walker examines Ofelia, bathes her and offers her food.

Back in the present, Madison chases Ofelia as she tries to escape the ranch. She punches and interrogates her for answers.

The next day, ranchers load dead bodies onto a truck. Jake and Alicia tend to the sick, which includes Nick. Madison informs everyone that Ofelia poisoned the militia’s coffee.

Madison holds Ofelia at gunpoint and forces her to drive to the Black Hat. Ofelia insists that the powder was only supposed to make the militia sick so that Walker’s people could take over the ranch without bloodshed.

Madison brings Ofelia to Walker and demands to know what the poison was. He tells her that the poison was anthrax but says that Nick will survive if he’s able-bodied. He warns that she and her family will die if they don’t leave the ranch.

Strand scavenges for food. He looks out a window and sees a sight to brighten his spirits: the Abigail, run aground.

Strand wades into the water and boards the Abigail. Infected roam throughout the boat. Strand kills all Infected with a spear gun, knife and gun.

Madison tells Jake that the poison was anthrax and that those who don’t die will be too weak to resist an attack. Jake orders Troy to gather the remaining militia, but Troy is the only one left. Madison suggests they recruit the ranchers but Jake tells her she doesn’t lead the ranch.

Jake eventually agrees with Madison’s plan to fight and instructs Troy to arm anyone who isn’t sick. Alicia suggests they try to negotiate with Walker again. Jake points out that they have no leverage to broker a deal. Alicia hatches a plan.

Strand finds a bottle of Champagne on the Abigail. He goes to the upper deck, gets out a satellite phone and uncorks the bottle.

Nick convinces Jake to uncuff him from his cot, assuring Jake that he won’t turn. As Nick goes to look for Otto, Jake warns that Otto has another side to him and Nick will end up disappointed.

Nick watches Otto and several ranchers bury the dead in a mass grave.

Nick rips the floorboards of his adobe open.

Ofelia tells Walker that she cares about the Clark family and admonishes him for using anthrax without her knowledge. Walker maintains that she’s saving the lives of his people. They’re interrupted by a commotion outside.

The Nation rushes to extinguish a tipi fire started by Troy and a team of ranchers. As Troy’s team distracts Walker’s people, Madison and Alicia hitch the Black Hat reliquary to a truck and haul it off.

Nick digs a hole underneath the adobe floor. His shovel hits something hard.

Nick goes to Otto’s house and confronts him with a skull that he found under the adobe. Otto confesses that as the rivalry between the ranchers and the Black Hat escalated, the founding members of the ranch murdered three Black Hat men, including Walker’s uncle. He says the skull belongs to Walker’s father, who Otto killed when the man started to investigate his brother’s disappearance.

Madison and Alicia bring the reliquary back to the ranch. Walker follows with a host of soldiers.

Nick shows the skull to Madison and Alicia and relays the story he heard from Otto. He also reveals to Alicia that Troy killed the Trimbols. Alicia accuses Madison of being heartless for standing with Troy despite the murder of Alicia’s friend. Madison declares that she’s too busy keeping everyone alive to have time for feelings.

Strand makes contact with a Russian cosmonaut who’s stuck in space. The Russian tell Strand the rest of the world is Infected.

Madison meets with Walker and offers to return the relics in exchange for peace and ownership of the ranch. She gives him the skull of his father. He rejects her terms and gives the remains back.

Madison informs her group that Walker still wants the ranch and is giving them until sundown the following day to vacate.

Strand gathers supplies then douses the Abigail in alcohol and lights it on fire. He starts to make his way north.

In the bunkhouse, Madison reveals to Nick and Alicia why she’s never taken them to her hometown in Alabama. Madison shot her alcoholic father when she was a child because he beat her mother. She resolutely insists she would do it again if it meant protecting her family.

Madison goes to Otto’s house and tells him that Walker is willing to offer peace in exchange for Otto’s scalp. She puts her gun on his desk and urges him to kill himself. Otto refuses. Nick walks in and shoots Otto in the head. Madison quickly begins to put a plan into action.

Jake and Troy run to Otto’s house to find Otto dead. They remove Otto’s body from the house.

Madison walks up to Otto’s coffin in a barn.

Madison meets with Walker and places a backpack at his feet. He opens it and finds Otto’s head inside. He nods at Madison and walks away with the head.

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