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FARGO Recap: Lester Nygaard is the biggest b*tch on TV! (FX)


Season 1 Episode 9

"A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage"

Lester has an unexpected encounter, Malvo changes course, and a new investigation leads Molly down a familiar path...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Martin Freeman compares the pace of working on FX's Fargo series to other films and TV shows. Billy Bob Thornton explains that he joined this cast because of the script and how it reminded him of 1990s indie films.



We open inside a man's mouth while a dentist works on it. We pull back to see Lorne is that dentist.

Apparently, in the year time jump he has moved on and is now working as a dentist in Kansas City, Mo. He has become close with another dentist in the practice and has asked the hygienist Gemma to marry him. He and Gemma go to a party with the other dentist and it's clear that the two couples have become friends. At the party, the other dentist notes that Lorne-- going by another name and sporting a new, all grey, much more flattering haircut-- would get along well with his brother. It turns out his brother is in witness protection but the other dentist says to hell with it and will introduce Lorne to him on a trip next week to Las Vegas.

Which brings us to the moment that Lester saw him in Vegas. He approaches Lorne at the table. Lorne pretends not to know him but Lester presses the issue. Lorne and his party finally get up to go-- and Lorne says to him "walk away"-- but Lester can't let it go and tracks them to the elevator. Echoing their original meeting Lorne asks Lester if this is really what he wants yes or no: Lester now full of brio says yes. Lorne pulls out a gun and shoots his fiancé, the other dentist, and his wife right in front of Lester. He hits the elevator button to a service floor and asks Lester for his help to drag the bodies out. Lester whacks Lorne in the head with his Salesman of the Year trophy and takes off.

He runs and wakes up his wife, tells her to pack a bag and that it's time to get going. They head back to Bemidji. As they drive home she talks about how she always had a crush on him and how she once dreamed a man would come take her away from the drudgery of running a motel with her parents and he did. She's worried they left Vegas because of her. He says no and promises to make it up to her with another trip. She mentions Acapulco and he says they can go tonight. When they get home Lester looks out the windows for Lorne. He heads to the basement to get one of Chaz's guns that he inherited and tucks it into the back of his pants.

Meanwhile, in Fargo Budge and Pepper are still toiling away in the file room at the FBI. A man comes and asks for the Fargo Syndicate spree killing file. They want to know why. He says he's been getting calls about the case. They grab a post-it note with Molly's number from the guy and ask where Bemidji is.

In Bemidji, Lou, Greta, Gus, and Molly have breakfast and Lou notes Molly did well for herself with her new family. She gets a call from Vegas P.D. asking her to speak to a witness to a shooting in an elevator at a casino: Lester.

Molly shows up just as Lester has tucked away the gun. She explains why she's there. He tries to put her off but she claims she has to pee and comes in. They sit down and Lester lies and says he was a witness to nothing on the elevator and his wife covers for him saying it was her that wanted to leave early. Molly says she's getting some security footage from Vegas so not to leave town.

Gus is out on his mail route when a red BMW drives by. It catches his eye peripherally. Lorne is driving but,since he looks different, and saw him just for a moment, he doesn't make the connection right away.

Lorne goes to Lester's old house but he no longer lives there. As he's leaving he makes sure to say in front of the new owner's children that people were murdered in the house. The guy directs him to Lester's new insurance practice. Lorne drives by but it is closed.

Molly leaves Lester's and gets a call that the two FBI guys are headed to her dad's coffee shop to meet her.

Lorne is already there. He stops in for decaf and pie and to see if he can get Lester's new address out of Lou. He pegs Lou as a former cop. They have a very cryptic conversation in which Lou once again brings up the massacre he saw in Sioux Falls. Lorne notices Molly and Gus's wedding photo. Lou offers to give Lorne's number to Lester the next time he comes in but Lorne declines saying he's only passing through and wanted to surprise him.

The second he walks out the front door, Molly walks in the back. As Lorne's car pulls away Budge and Pepper pull up. They are excited that Molly may know who the Fargo Syndicate spree shooter was, noting they have a personal investment since they were there that day.

Molly takes them to the precinct and shows them her whiteboard of evidence and timelines. Bill comes in and is angry and tells the guys not to bother with her. They point out that they will indeed bother because Molly has done great work. They say they'll spend the night and go work Lester again in the morning. Bill sputters and Molly walks away trying not to seem too triumphant.

Gus goes into the room in his house where Molly has a similar whiteboard up. As he looks at it he remember the car driving by and slows it down in his memory, now realizing he saw Lorne for sure.

Lester meanwhile is printing out his one way boarding passes to Acapulco. He lies to his wife that Molly said it was okay for them to go but they have to go pick up their passports at his office. They drive over, Lester parks some distance away and then asks his wife to put on his coat, put up the hood, and go to the office to fetch the passports and money from the safe. He watches as she enters, turns on the light, goes to the safe and gets shot in the back of the head by Lorne. He watches as Lorne turns her body over and realizes it's not her. Lorne heads out front, lights a cigarette and walks away.


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