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fargo season 2

FARGO (FX) Review - "Hamburger Helper & Tater Tots"

Season 2 Episode 1

"Waiting for Dutch"

An unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts the lives of the citizens in a small Minnesota town.


Tonight’s episode of Fargo kicks off with Rye Gerhardt getting threatened by his own older brothers. They tell him that if he doesn’t cough up the collection money that he owes – then they are going to take a meat cleaver to him. The brothers head home to tell their father Otto that the family business is in trouble, there is a new family from the South incringing on their territory. Otto is so furious, he begins shaking and appears to have a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Rye heads to the Winston’s Typesetter shop to do collections – someone else is trying to shake down the owner of the shop, Rye pulls a gun on him and scares him off. The shop owner shows Rye the typewriter that he has, they are the only distributer in the entire North West to have a line on typewriters. The shopowner reassures Rye that as soon as the judge unfreezes his account from his little gambling issue – they will be able to get more typewriters and then he can sell them and pay the Gerhardt Family the money that he owes them.

So, Rye goes on a mission and begins stalking a judge – he follows her as she leaves the courthouse, when she gets in her car and drives off, he hops in his car and continues to follow her. She pulls in to a diner called the Waffle Hut, and they are opened late. Rye does a few lines of coke and then he heads in to the diner too – he sits at the counter and orders a coffee, keeping a close eye on the judge in her booth.

After the crowd leaves, Rye sits down with the judge and tries to tell her to unfreeze the typewriter accounts. The judge is actually a totally bitch, she tells him that he is “dim” and laughs it off. Rye gets a little aggressive, so she sprays his eyes with bug spray that she just happened to have in her purse. Rya panics, and is high as a kite on coke, so he pulls his gun out in the middle of the diner and shoots the judge. Then, the chef comes after him with a frying pan and he shoots him, and the waitress. Apparently, he didn’t kill the judge, because she gets back up off the floor and stabs him in the back with a steak knife before he shoots her again. After the bloody diner massacre is over, Rye cleans out the cash register and then stumbles outside and has a meltdown in the snow. A car comes driving down the road – and hits Rye while he is standing there confused and disoriented in the middle of the street.

Office Solverson is home with his wife and daughter when he receives a phone call that there was a murder at the Waffle Hut. He arrives at the diner and a truck driver is there – he arrived in the middle of the night for some waffles and found the dead bodies. Solverson opens the diner door and heads inside to the bloody crime scene. He finds the judge sprawled out on the table, and the chef lying on the floor, the waitress’s body was in the parking lot. Officer Larsson arrives at the diner, Solverson fills him in on what he has discovered so far.

Larsson says that the dead chef is named Henry Blanton, he made a touchdown record in high-school football when he was in 10th grade. He doesn’t recognize the judge – they are in Minnesota and she has North Dakota license plates on her car. They make small talk and talk about Solverson’s wife Lucy – who happens to be Larsson’s daughter. They realize that there is an extra car in the parking lot – they think that one of them might belong to killer.

Solverson heads to the bingo hall for a beer, he tells his friends Sonny and Karl about the diner murders – they think it was a botched robbery. Solverson heads out early, he says that he has to get home to his wife because she had chemotherapy that day. Karl rants about how much of a shame it is that someone as young as her has cancer. Solverson gets home and his wife knows all about the case – her dad called her and filled her in.

Ed Blomquist heads home to his wife Peggy after a long night working at the butcher shop. He isn’t exactly thrilled with the dinner that his young wife cheffed up for him – tater tots and hamburger helper. But, he sits down at the table and they say a prayer. They start arguing over trying to make a baby and Peggy confesses that she is a little shaken up because she hit a deer on the way home.

Ed heads out to the garage and sees that the windshield is shattered and there is blood all over the car. He hears a thumping noise, it’s Rye. Apparently Peggy hit him with her car, not a deer – and she thought he was dead so she tossed him in the back of her car and came home and made hamburger helper. Rye attacks Ed, and he winds up stabbing him with a gardening tool and killing him … again. Ed is in shock – Peggy convinces him to help her cover up Rye’s death. They toss his body in to a huge freezer full of packages of meat.

Tonight’s episode of Fargo ends with a meeting – the family from the South is plotting to take over Fargo and absorb the Gerhardt’s trucking business in to their own syndicate.

- Synopsis is courtesy of Amanda Austin /

fargo season 2 episode 1

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