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FARGO Recap: Lester is living the good life! (FX)


Season 1 Episode 8

"The Heap"

Molly faces pressure to close the case, while Lester starts to feel like a new man...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



We open with images of a factory making washing machines. A deliveryman brings Lester a new one.

We see Lester sitting with Kitty at the dinner table. She can't believe Chaz cheated on her. She says Gordo is having trouble sleeping and offers Lester some of Chaz' hunting gear if he's interested. Lester tells her about the new washer.

We see Lester packing up all of Pearl's things and leaving it on the curb for the trash pick-up.

Molly drops by the diner for coffee. Lou shows her that more flowers have arrived from Gus. He asks about her strategy presenting the case against Lester to Bill.

Molly has Bill meet her in the staff room. He compliments her police work and admits he was wrong. But she tells him they still have the wrong guy, that Chaz doesn't make any sense. He cuts her off and says they need to leave it alone. The Hess case is being handled by a slow-witted deputy and Molly asks Bill if she can take it over. Molly becomes animated but Bill tells her "it's not meant to be."

A furious Gina storms into Lester's office with the boys and demands to know why her claim has been denied. She thinks he knew about it before they had sex and gives him until the end of the day to come up with her two million. She has the boys try to intimidate Lester, who promptly staples both of them in the face. The Hess family leaves in a huff.

In Fargo, agents Budge and Pepper attempt to explain what happened to a superior. They are brought to a file room and told it is where they now work. Pepper tapes a grainy picture of Malvo to the wall.

The guard outside Mr. Wrench's room goes to the bathroom. Malvo is waiting in one of the stalls and proceeds to strangle the man with a belt. Wrench wakes up to find Malvo sitting by his bed. Malvo tells him he was the one who killed Mr. Numbers, along with his employer Mr. Tripoli. Malvo compliments Wrench on getting so close and leaves Wrench the key to his handcuffs.

At the diner Ida asks Molly about her suitor. She thanks Molly for catching the guy who killed Vern. Molly starts to say she's not convinced they have the right man, but thinks better of it. In the parking lot Molly glances at the case notes that are in her trunk. She then walks to Lester's office and glares at him through the window.

Sitting alone in his car at a speed trap Gus calls Molly. He tells her he has his hearing the following day on the shooting. She advises him not to tell them she was the one he shot. The two make plans to go to an upcoming logging festival together. We forward to....


Gus is now a mailman and we watch him on his route. He comes home for dinner and we see that he's married to Molly and she's pregnant. Upstairs Molly looks at a wall and it's clear she hasn't yet given up on the case. She calls the FBI to follow-up on calls she's made about the massacre. She thinks she knows who was responsible but the agent doesn't seem interested.

Budge and Pepper are still working in the file room. Budge accidentally knocks a bulletin board off the room and they both stare at the photo of Malvo.

Bill introduces Molly to a teenage foster child, Tahir, from Sudan he and his wife have taken in. Tahir's family was killed and he was the only survivor. Tahir lost his information when he first arrived in Minnesota and the story if how he was reunited with Bill and his wife is a remarkable one.

While lying in bed late one night watching TV, Molly talks (mostly to herself) about how they have everything they need.

We cut to Lester winning an Insurance Salesman of the Year award in Vegas. During his speech he thanks new wife Linda, who is one of his co-workers. He talks to the crowd about what he's learned over the past year. After the ceremony Linda goes to sleep and Lester stays up for a nightcap. Lester orders a drink and makes eye contact with an attractive woman at one of the tables. On the other side of the room Lester spots Malvo sitting at a table with some friends.


Welcome to Fargo. Aw jeez, here we go again.

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Billy Bob Thornton on role as Malvo


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Martin Freeman discusses role as Lester

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