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FARGO Recap: Malvo massacres while Lester has sex! (FX)


Season 1 Episode 7

"Who Shaves the Barber?"

Malvo seeks answers, while Lester finagles a few of his own. Molly and Gus try to get past a setback in the investigation...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



We open on Gus sitting in the hospital waiting room, tortured.

Over this we hear Chaz, Kitty, and Gordo eating breakfast. We cut to that. They're watching the news and see the crazy news about the fish falling from the sky on the highway during the storm. Gordo grabs his backpack, in which Lester put the gun, and heads for the school bus. Gordo heads to school and his friends are fooling around in the cafeteria and the gun falls out of his bag in front of all the other kids. We cut to Kitty vacuuming and then hearing knock at the door. it's Bill and the police with a search warrant for the house.

Chaz is in the middle of telling a coworker a stripper story when he gets the call that Gordo has been arrested and runs out. He arrives just as Bill uncovers his cache of weapons including his illegal automatic rifle and the hammer, pictures, and panties Lester planted. Kitty starts freaking out and spits at him, and the cops have to hold her back. Chaz is in shock.

Bill calls Lester down to the station for questioning. Bill says he doesn't even know where to start with this mess. He explains all that he found and asks if Chaz was having an affair with Pearl. Lester says she was. He pretends to be upset and says he doesn't want to talk about it. Bill remembers Lester telling him in 9th grade that he was going to marry Pearl. He adds that there were rumors that Pearl was a floozy and that Chaz has a temper and Lester goes right along with all of it. He says he heard them arguing in the basement and that Pearl was cutting Chaz off meanly and saying he wasn't half the man that Lester is and then he heard Chaz crack her on the head with a hammer and he went down and confronted him and Chaz said it was an accident. He starts acting choked up but tries to explain. He says Vern showed up and Chaz shot him. He says he wanted to say something but he was afraid. He weaves a compelling tale. He believes it himself practically. He says if not telling makes him guilty of something he wants Bill to throw the book at him because he loved pearl and she was his life. He walks out of the station unencumbered past a window where Chaz in a cell. Chaz yells at him, asking what he did.

We flashback to the storm and the confusion and Molly getting shot. We see her see Lorne. She tells him to freeze, that she's a police officer. A figure approaches from behind that we can't ID and she shoots him. Then she is shot by Gus.

We cut to the hospital and she wakes up and sees Greta who is visiting with her dad. Gus sends her out of the room. She asks if they got Malvo, she says she had him until this other fellow. She asks how the guy she shot is. He's in the ICU upstairs. He confesses that it was him that shot her. She says that doesn't make sense. He says he couldn't see anything but he says that's no excuse for what he did. He says she lost her spleen and he'll get her a new one. She says he better. He says he will confess at the inquiry even though they'll take his badge, but that's likely for the best. She says she could've just as easily shot him. He says he's been messing up from the beginning. She tells him enough of that. Lou, her dad shows up. She notes they both have bullet holes now. He flicks on the TV and they watch the hockey game. He notes she put down a guy with an assault rifle with a touch of pride. She says he was pointing it at her. He takes her hand and says he's proud.

Lester arrives home, very pleased with himself. He regards Vern's blood on the floor. He gets out the phone book and calls a cleaning service whose slogan is "No job too tough!' The guy hangs up when he hears "there's a lo of blood."

Lorne reports in to the man at Rundle Realty, the front for their mercenary operation. He notes that two guys came after him in Duluth. And he says he has two questions; Did you tell these boys where to find me? And who do I talk to in Fargo about this? The man says he can't answer that but he knows that no matter what, it's not personal about Lorne. Lorne says that's not an answer. He points at the two phones on the desk and says one calls an ambulance and one calls a hearse. He asks again who he should talk to in Fargo. He walks out the front door and behind him he hears a woman scream.

Molly goes to see Mr. Numbers, the deaf one, in the ICU. He writes on a pad. "Partner?" She says he's dead. She asks if he can speak. He writes that he's deaf. She asks if he reads lips. He says yes. She says she's the one who shot me and wonders if he remembers her from the insurance company and asks if he was looking for Malvo. He doesn't answer but writhes in pain. She says her hurts too. She says she's never shot anyone before but gathers it wasn't his first time. She notes he's got a dad somewhere just like her and she wonders what the point is, his friend is dead and he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail and for what? He turns away from her. She leaves his room. His eyes well up with tears for Mr. Wrench.

Chaz sits in jail. A cop comes to get him and he tries to convince him that he's being framed. Chaz is out of his mind calling this a nightmare. He's moving him until he makes bail.

Lester reports to work. He says he's ready to work and can work late even since no one is waiting for him. The boss says he was about to call the widow Hess since her claim was denied since Sam stopped paying the policy. She's going to be mad. Lester says he'll take care of it since she can't yell at him given his recent tragedies. The boss says he can call but Lester says he'll give her a shoulder to cry on.

Gus comes to see Molly with flowers, who's doing an evidence wall on her hospital window with all the players and the moving parts. They can't really figure out who Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers are/were. She actually figures out pretty close to what happened: Hess is killed and has ties to organized crime and sent the two guys to find out why. Lester met Lorne at the hospital, put the two guys onto Lorne. So they figure that Lester knew Lorne was in Duluth. They figure that is some kind of ammunition. Lou comes to pick up Molly to take her home. Gus is sad to see her go. She tells him to keep his head up because they're winning this thing.

We cut to Fargo, ND where the big bosses are. They head into a meeting and two FBI guys, (awesomely played by Key & Peele) are watching them from a car. They argue about fast food in the car. Lorne walks right by their car, pulls out an automatic rifle, goes into the office where the bosses just walked and wreaks carnage on all inside. We don't see it but we watch the camera pan across and up the building and hear what's happening. We see flashes against the window, glass crack, and blood spatter the windows. He kills everyone in his path on his way up to the top floor to kill all the main men. He shoots one man out the window and the Feds finally notice something is happening. They decide to pretend like they just arrived. The police arrive. They have nothing to say. Lorne walks away from the building unscathed as they head in.

Lester shows up at the home of the widow Hess who thinks she's in for a big payday. She's in a robe that shows her boobs. He says she looks nice. She calls him sweet. The boys are not home. They have a drink. They toast to fresh beginnings. She asks if the money is all set. He says there are a few more hoops to jump through. She says she's going to get it though right? He says that's where a skilled guy like him comes in and it's all about knowing which palms to grease if she gets his drift. She says she knows about greasy palms. He proposes another drink. They end up doing it. He bangs her from behind looking at a picture of Sam and remembering him bullying him. They band so hard the picture falls off the wall and then he climaxes.

Lou drives a sleeping Molly home. But first they stop at the police station in Bemidji. No one's there. The desk sgt. says everyone is out celebrating that they got who shot the chief. She tells the tale about Chaz. Molly has trouble believing this. She asks where Bill is. Molly wants to go to the bar where they're celebrating. She heads out into the snowy parking lot and starts to hyperventilate realizing what Lester did.


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