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FARGO Recap: Sh*t just got real! (FX)


Season 1 Episode 6

"Buridan's Ass"

Malvo executes his master plan, while Lester attempts to craft one of his own. Gus and Molly team up in Duluth...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




We open on a fish tank. One fish is scooped out by a chef and cleaned, breaded, and cooked. It is then served, complete with the head and tail to a group of men in the back of the restaurant. A man simply says "Sam Hess." He's told that Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers have been on the case for three days. Another man says they don't think it's business related and may be extra-marital and Wrench and Numbers are on their way to a second location to apprehend the culprit. The boss says he wants them dead.

In the locked pantry Don is talking to himself. Lorne opens the door and says it's time to make the call. Don wants to talk about how they're dividing the money and he wants to do it 60/40. Lorne doesn't respond. Lorne gives him the voice box changer and has him make the call He wants to read "word for word" from a piece of paper.

Don calls Stavros, who is sitting in his office. He has a sweaty hand on the briefcase of money. He's remembering the day he found the money. Don reads the script about a boy who was poor and wanting and wondered why others had bounty and he did not. He tells Stavros where to meet him.

Don hangs up confused. Lorne asks him to hand him a duffle bag. He bend over and he clocks Don and knock him out.

Molly drives and listens to a weather report that says a historic blizzard is coming. Molly goes to see Gus at his place in Duluth. Gus sent Greta to a friend's house. He heard from his neighbor that Lorne was lurking outside the apartment building and he threatened him. He didn't call it in because he doesn't think the other cops will believe him. The neighbor got the plate number which traces back to Stavros' chain of grocery stores. He's not sure of the connection. Molly says they should drive over and check it out.

In the hospital a nurse visits Lester who says he's ready to go home and surprised to see a cop outside his door. The nurse can't explain it. Lester checks the window but it doesn't open. He gets back in bed and pretends to sleep. Chaz, his brother, visits and asks what he did. Lester says he cut his hand on a rusty nail. Chaz says he heard he was there when Vern was murdered. Lester says he wasn't there and he's a victim. Chaz thinks he's lying. Lester is offended. He asks him about the "prank" call about kidnapping. He says it was nothing and Chaz should be on his side as his brother. Chaz says people are dead, including his own wife, and they're saying it's a conspiracy, that he hired someone. Lester swears he didn't do it. Chaz says if Lester wants it to go away Lester has to give the cops something. Lester asks Chaz to stand by him. Chaz says Lester's been a burden his whole life and he's done with him, there's something wrong with Lester, he's not right in the world. He walks out.

Lester looks at his roommate, whom the nurse said she would return for to take him to radiology in 10 minutes. His face is covered in bandages. Lester has an epiphany. He puts the man in his bed, takes the man's clothes and puts them in his bed. He covers his own face with bandages and gets in the man's bed. The nurse comes in and pulls the bed out with Lester in it. She leaves him in the hallway. He hops up, puts on the man's jacket, scarf and boots and takes off, leaving the bandages behind. He goes into the staff locker room, steals some car keys, finds the car with the remote opener in the lot and takes off.

Gus and Molly go to the grocery store. The snow is starting to get heavier. Molly tells him about Lester. Gus thinks maybe Lester and Malvo colluded. A cashier pages the manager. No one arrives. Molly leaves her card. They head out to get more coffee.

Stavros arrives for the meet on the top floor of a parking garage. The snow is coming down hard. He flashes back again to finding the money. He gets a call from Cemenko who says Stavros' son is getting restless. Stavros says he knows what he's got to do now and that to come back in an hour and to tell his son he loves him.

Stavros leaves the parking lot. He tells the attendant that he changed his mind. God told him he has different plans. The guy is confused and just wants 2 dollars for the parking. Stavros says to open the gate, the Lord demands it.

Gus and Molly drive and he talks about how it bothers him that Lorne is so two-faced. She notes the murders. He says yes that is bad of course but it's tough since people like them are supposed to good, better than others even. She says it must be hard to live in this world if you believe that. He says she has no idea.

Don wakes, gagged and bound to some exercise equipment. Lorne cocks a shotgun and says he thought about it and the 60/40 thing doesn't work for him. He peers out the windows, which are covered in newspaper. Lorne tapes the shotgun in Don's hands and says in case Stavros calls the cops he wants to make sure their too busy to respond, that's part one. He says part two is: "Have you ever had Turkish delight? It's disgusting." Don pulls the trigger and nothing happened. Lorne says it's okay, he'd be insulted if Don didn't try. Lorne goes to the window and starts shooting at random people. Don writhes and moans. Lorne hears the all for the shots fired on the police scanner.

Lester takes his stolen car back to his house. He heads to the basement and sees the washer has been moved. He takes down his fish poster and reaches into a hole in the wall and retrieves the hammer he killed Pearl with. He rifles through some file boxes and finds some glamour shots of his wife. He goes through a laundry basket and finds a pair of her underwear.

The nurse finally notices that the patient she thought she was taking to radiology is gone.

Lester heads to Chaz's house and lets himself in through the garage. He determines no one is home and busts into Chaz's gun cabinet. He leaves the hammer, the pictures, and the underwear. He's trying to frame his brother for Pearl's murder. He notices a photo of Chaz and his wife and son. He grabs a gun and makes sure it's empty. He goes into Gordon's room and sticks the gun in his backpack after thinking he's wiped it clean of prints. Kitty and Gordon return while he's upstairs. Lester tries to sneak out but Gordon sees him. He looks at him for a moment and then turns away. Lester leaves.

It is now snowing like crazy.

Gus tells Molly the rabbi's story about giving everything away. Gus says she might want to head back and beat the storm. She says she wants to stay and run things down. Gus admits he didn't grow up thinking he'd be a cop. He wanted to be a mailman. He likes that you get to see the same people every day, bring them presents, checks and be a part of the community. But the USPS wasn't hiring so he went with the police. Some cops go racing by. Gus wonders what that's about.

We switch to the police who are responding to the call of shots where Lorne was firing. Lt. Schmidt is leading the charge, calling for the perp or perps to come out of the house or they will start blasting. The cops advance. Lorne is listening to this as he drives away. The cops approach the house and trip a wire set up to have the rifle Lorne left send out more shots. The police light up the house. Don tries to dodge the incoming bullets. They stop firing and enter the house. They open the door and see Don with the gun and shoot before asking questions. They shoot a lot. Don dies. His gun, of course, was not even loaded.

Lorne drives in the snow and here's "suspect is down" and turns off the police scanner. Two cars approach and box him in forcing him to stop. Sideburns and Beard-- who we now know are named Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers-- get out of their cars and open fire on Lorne. Lorne runs off on foot as they keeps shooting after him.

A man hears the shots and sees Gus and Molly and tells them. Gus calls for back up and they head off.

Lorne gives Wrench and Numbers the slip in the near whiteout conditions. Lorne cuts his own hand as if he was hit by a shot to leave a fake blood trail for them to follow.

Gus and Molly arrive on the scene of the accident/ambush.

Wrench follows the blood trail and Lorne attacks him from behind stabbing him in the side and then cutting his throat. Wrench fired shots in the air while being attacked and Molly charges off towards the sound. Lorne grabs his gun and heads off into the snow. Gus and Molly find Wrench. Gus tells her he's dead but then can't see her in the snow and is clearly frightened that he can't see anything. He hears Molly in the distance ID-ing herself as a police officer and then hears shots. He sees a figure and yells her name and then shoots her by accident, not being able to tell who she was in the whiteout.

Cemenko drives Stavros' son in the whiteout as the radio says to stay of the roads.

Stavros drives to the place he originally found the money and goes and buries the ransom in the same spot under the snow. He puts the ice scraper back on top of it. He looks to the skies as if for some divine sign.

Cemenko and Dimitri boy drive and the weather suddenly clears. Just as suddenly fish start falling out of the skies in the hundreds. The car skids off the road.

Something then hits Stavros car. Suddenly he's in the middle of the fish explosion. They are all over the road. He stops his car and sees Cemenko and his son dead from the accident. He bursts into tears and cries to the skies "I gave it back!"

Lester sneaks his way back into the hospital. He sits on his bed, thinking. A little smile plays on his face.


On the next episode...




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