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Fairly Legal

FAIRLY LEGAL (Full Episodes)



Fairly Legal is a television series which aired on USA Network from January 20, 2011, to June 15, 2012.

The series stars Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed, a young woman who changes her profession from lawyer to mediator and works at the San Francisco law firm her father started. As the series opens, Kate's father has just died, leaving his young widow Lauren in charge as Kate and the firm adjust to the loss.

Kate and Lauren, who are approximately the same age, generally engage in comical banter while attempting to work together, and the development of their relationship is a central focus of the series. According to Shahi, the characters "take a couple steps forward and then take gigantic leaps back". She has also stated that their history divides them at certain times, and bonds them at others. "At the end of the day, they would give the shirt off of their backs to help the other person, because they are family".

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Fairly Legal

Cast & Characters

Main Characters

  • Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed: a top lawyer at her father's firm who, after realizing her own ethical conflict with her profession, becomes an evaluative mediator.
  • Michael Trucco as Justin Patrick: Kate's estranged, and later former, husband, Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco. They continue an on-off relationship, that continues throughout the run of the show.
  • Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed: Kate's new boss, and her stepmother. Kate assumes that Lauren's coldness following her husband's death is proof of heartlessness, but Lauren explains that she is simply doing what is necessary to keep the firm from disintegrating in his absence. When Kate mocks her ability to be the boss, Lauren reveals she was actually running the firm in the last few years of her husband's life. Kate doesn't believe it at first but Lauren does her best to keep the firm afloat after several of their clients go bankrupt.
  • Ryan Johnson as Ben Grogan (season 2): Kate's partner and nemesis at Reed & Reed; he is a former ambulance chaser who loves money and winning. Later he begins to partner more with Kate and becomes a potential love interest.
  • Baron Vaughn as Leonardo "Leo" Prince: Kate's assistant. Enthusiastic, resourceful, and a passionate fantasy gamer. He has a knack for keeping the at-times flighty Kate out of trouble with clients and Lauren.

Recurring Characters

  • Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith: a man with many secrets who enters Kate's life after the death of her father.
  • Ethan Embry as Spencer:[8] Kate's brother, who was formerly a lawyer at the family firm. Spencer is now a stay-at-home father while his husband Terry works.
  • Gerald McRaney as Judge David Nicastro: a judge who dislikes Kate for her turning to mediation, but uses her to mediate some of his cases.
  • Devon Weigel as Kim (season 1): a sandwich girl who works at Reed & Reed. She and Leonardo eventually begin dating.


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