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Season 1 Episode 6


Molly uncovers footage that may reveal the real reason the ISEA chose her for the solo mission. Meanwhile, Ethan experiences his first dream, an unforeseen advancement for which he was not programmed, and Julie distracts herself from work with a mysterious man she meets at the gym. Tessa Ferrer guest stars as Katie Sparks, Alan Sparks’ astronaut daughter...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



As it turns out “the baby” hitched a ride to earth using Molly’s as its carrier. Molly and her husband came to that conclusion after they analyzed the video from when she was in space. And it when that “being” attached itself to Molly’s stomach – pretending it was friendly gesture – their best guess was it must have been secretly working as a parasite. All along it was using Molly, but the couple still have no idea what a man like Sparks must have done to it after he removed the fetus (if it’s even partly human or the ultrasound lied) from her stomach.

And as they grow concerned about what happened to the “baby” they lost – their son Ethan has also shown some worrisome behavior. He had a nightmare and though that’s typical common among young children – it wasn’t built into Ethan’s mechanical system. He wasn’t supposed to be that human so John never programmed him to dream!

So rather than play the proud papa at his son’s recent advancement – John wants to take the little boy back to the lab for a quick study. Although Molly wasn’t all that happy about it. She sometimes forgets Ethan is an AI and merely thinks of him as a little boy – her little boy in particular. Hence it took some convincing on John’s part to get her to walk away from that fight.

He gave her a listening device. Very high tech and extremely efficient. He figured she could use it on Sam because he knows deep down how much Molly wants to find out the real reason her friend betrayed her. It’s not like Molly has a lot of friends to begin with so losing Sam must have hurt her. Probably more than she’s willing to acknowledge.

Sam was the only person Molly invited to her and John’s wedding. And that meant something to Molly at the time and possibly to this day so she went ahead and planted the bug on Sam. She didn’t like that she had to steep to such methods, but she also needed some insight into how far Sparks was prepared to go.

And on that score, she didn’t have to wait all that long. Sparks has been keeping a close eye on Sam since bringing her into the loop. Let’s face it he’s smart enough not to fully trust the person he’s blackmailing. So he was immediately alerted when Sam was caught speaking to Molly.

[11:00:17 PM] Kristine Francis: Sparks has a lot on his plate as it is so he didn’t need Sam losing focus. Instead of sending her a message – he went to see her in person. She was told to keep Molly in check and if Molly showed any signs of being suspicious about the baby or worse working with someone like Harmon Kryger then he was to be notified at once. The reason Kryger popped back up in the picture is because the man did something either very brave or very stupid.

Kryger broke into the building using Gordon Kern’s finger prints which the latter didn’t really appreciate. He was and out within five minutes but during that short time he stole footage of the flight mission that allegedly ended in a fire with everyone dying onboard. Sparks’s daughter included. So Sparks knows how important that footage is and he very much wants to conduct a manhunt using Molly as leverage. He figured Kryger will eventually reach out for support. She’s the only other person that experienced an encounter on her mission that so far been capable to talk about it.

Sparks assumption about Molly was correct and yet Molly was fully aware of his spies following her so she decided to use one of them against him. After Kryger approached her – she pretended to pass on his whereabouts to Sam who dutifully reported it in to Sparks. Though it was all a ruse Molly created right on the spot!

Molly and John (who managed to snatch himself away from the lab and very apologetic Julie) met with Kryger and he gave them the footage he stole. It was locked by a program – one too far advanced for him to understand and so he needed their help in decrypting it. And seeing as John was good at such things – Molly thought he could handle it. While Kryger just hoped he could.

Once they were done with their meeting, Kryger tried to sneak away and Gordon ended up capturing him!

Kryger may have to pay for what he did with his life but the footage was worth it. Although John wasn’t the one that decrypted it. It was trial and error on his part. And surprisingly it was Ethan that managed to work out the decryption – apparently it was similar to his video games.

The footage was of Katie Sparks pleading to ISCA to stop all missions. There was a virus up there with her and her crew and it had made everyone homicidal. It had also impregnated her so she destroyed the ship in an effort to kill it. But Sparks chose to cover up that mission and then chose Molly up there against his daughter’s wishes – she was to be the bait.

And the plan worked. Molly came back pregnant and Sparks took the baby which was what he wanted this entire time – his hands on something powerful. Even if it’s too powerful for him to handle. Whatever the baby is – it’s be known to kill people in space and it’s recently caused a doctor on the ground to kill a close friend. It can’t be trusted and yet Sparks refuses to let it go!

So it continues to affect people using that weird symbol everyone keeps seeing!

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