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Exclusive Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Who Kidnapped Tara's Brother?

Tara's brother is stopping by Criminal Minds, but the reunion doesn't go exactly as planned.

On Wednesday's episode, which was directed by star Joe Mantegna, Tara (Aisha Tyler) meets up with her quasi-estranged brother Gabriel. Except Gabriel is not Gabriel. It's a totally different man (played by Alimi Ballard) who resolutely believes that he is in fact Gabriel and knows nearly every single detail about Gabriel and Tara's lives.

But where is the real Gabriel? As you can see in our exclusive sneak peek, Gabriel (Terrence Terrell) is alive and kicking... his way out of a chair. He's been kidnapped -- and you can probably guess by whom. (Hint: It rhymes with Sister Natch).

"This is the first case on the show that's hit [Tara] personally," Tyler tells "And you see how it affects her and how she goes about not just solving the case but learning more about her and her relationships with her brother and her father. We spent a lot of time talking about who Tara is, what her experiences have been and what brought her to the FBI and generally with profiling, and a lot of that comes together here."
As the BAU delves deeper into the case, Tara's upbringing and childhood will come to light, including what caused the rift between her and Gabriel. "I think that I understand that relationship because I have a sibling and there can be a natural competition between siblings, especially if one of them is kind of a Type A or an apple polisher," Tyler says. "Tara and Gabriel's dynamic is kind of like that."

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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