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emmerdale, nicola stephenson

Emmerdale’s Nicola Stephenson: ‘It'd be nice if Tess ends up as someone viewers hate!’

nicola stephenson

Paddy’s one-night stand with Tess in Emmerdale is becoming a dangerous, full-on affair, asNicola Stephenson tells Soaplife...

Tess is friends with Rhona now – does she feel guilty about cheating with her husband?
“Yes, but not guilty enough for some reason. We don’t know everything about Tess. We don’t know why she’s having the affair, although she has admitted to marital problems. There could also be other forces driving her.”

Was she expecting to sleep with Paddy again?
“No. She thought he would reject her and then, afterwards, she tells him they can’t do it again and calls the whole thing off.”

But then they’re on again…
“And then Paddy does something that really shocks Tess. I think he gets scared about ruining things with Rhona and becomes really cold towards Tess, which makes her feel rejected.”

Is there more to come for Tess and Paddy?
“Yes, but I’m not sure where they’re going with the character. It would be nice if Tess ends up as someone viewers will hate, but I have a feeling they’re going to make her nice. She seems like a person who has got herself into a situation she shouldn’t have done which a lot of people do.”

Are you enjoying your time on Emmerdale?
“I am. I love working with Dominic Brunt [Paddy]. We’re good friends and have a real laugh together. I have also caught up with old friends such as Gaynor Faye [Megan] and Jeff Hordley[Cain]. In fact, whenever I’ve walked into the green room, there has been an old mate to catch up with.”

Emmerdale, ITV.

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