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Emmerdale: Vanessa's absent when Johnny's alarms start ringing! (Monday)

Vanessa's absent when Johnny's alarms start ringing!

It’s another day at the hospital for Vanessa, Adam and Victoria. But while Adam and Victoria are coping well under the strain of having a premature newborn to worry about, Vanessa is struggling. Wanting to blot it all out, the vet turns up for work leaving Adam and Victoria to face the music at the hospital as the alarms on little Johnny’s incubator start ringing out…

In the wake of Pollard’s hatchet job in the shop, David is reeling. And there’s worse to come for the shopkeeper when his dad hands him a cheque to cover the damage, insisting that their paths need not cross again.

So Kyle now knows Cain is his dad, thanks to Kerry. But when unaware Cain gets left alone with his son, how will he react when the little lad calls him ‘Daddy’?

7:00pm, Monday, 5 October 2015 | ITV


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