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Emmerdale: Vanessa and Adam fret over the baby (Monday)

vanessa woodfield

In hospital, Vanessa and Adam watch over their premature baby son, Johnny. As the stress eats at Vanessa, she snaps at Adam for being overly optimistic, blaming herself for Johnny’s early arrival. It all becomes too much when the vet clocks the now empty incubator next to Johnny’s and presumes the worst.

Back in Emmerdale, Priya fumes when Rakesh refuses to tell Kirin he’s the real father of Vanessa’s premature tot.

Faking concern over Pete’s depression, Ross is plotting. He wants his mum out of the house and is out to make sure a parcel goes unseen. What’s he up to?

David’s horrified when Pollard tells him he wants to put Val’s dog Cheryl down.

7:00pm, Monday, 14 September 2015 | ITV


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