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Emmerdale: Robert turns it all onto Andy (Thursday)


Andy is horrified when he hears Robert has been let go. But there’s worse to come for the farmer who reels as Robert uses his brother’s anger to his advantage. He tells Diane and Victoria that Andy has made the whole thing up and goes on to say he suspects Andy’s anger problem has returned.

At the scrapyard, Robert tells Aaron he kept his name out of it and told the police Andy had got it all wrong. Aaron’s reaction leaves his ex-lover stunned...

Lawrence and Bernice return from their trip away to find the village in chaos. First, they hear about Robert’s arrest, then about Lachlan and the gun and, for good measure, Chrissie tells her father how Robert was responsible for the Home Farm break in. But Lachlan is listening in and now hates Robert more than ever!

7:00pm, Thursday, 24 September 2015 | ITV


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