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Emmerdale: Nikhil returns and meets Rishi in secret!

Nikhil returns and meets Rishi in secret!

*Hour-long episode*

Away from the village, Rishi meets up with Nikhil and Molly, his long-lost son and granddaughter! But can Rishi convince Nikhil to stick around and return to the village to help out with the business? When Rishi returns to the factory, the place is in chaos as the staff are staging a walk out over Jai’s unacceptable behaviour. Losing his temper, Rishi gives Jai his marching orders. What will his unhinged addict son do next?

Debbie asks Ross to move in with her and no one’s happy about it at all, especially not Cain who warns his daughter not to come running to him when it all goes wrong, again.

It’s Halloween and Leyla and Carly are having a fancy dress party. But when Belle spots Kirin and Vanessa looking cosy together she ignores Zak’s warning not to drink and gets hammered. Uh oh…


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