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Emmerdale: Metcalfe family fallout!

david metcalfe

Desperate to return to Portugal, Alicia needs to convince David it’s the right thing to do. But with him wanting to stick around to help his dad through the grieving process, Alicia’s got her work cut out. Thinking she’s come up with a solution to ease the situation, Alicia’s mortified when, instead, she makes things much worse…

After a night worrying about what might happen next, Bob visits Ged in prison to confront him about gassing Sandy. Later, back in Emmerdale, he tells Brenda and Harriet he’s got things sorted.He he really?

Megan gets roped in to help Rishi get the factory prepared ahead of the presentation. But when Jai finds his ex has got involved, he flips and throws money in Megan’s face, telling her she’s not needed.

7:00pm, Wednesday, 9 September 2015 | ITV

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