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Emmerdale: Kerry sends Dan's stress levels sky rocketing!


As Dan prepares to make an important presentation, his beautician girlfriend Kerry and his daughter Amelia decide he needs to de-stress before his big moment. But rather than lower his stress levels, they just add to them because they have accidentally removed his eyebrows!

Brenda’s gutted to learn Harriet has been lying about her progress in finding down Carly, so joins in the search for her runaway stepdaughter. And it’s not long before the two women find Carly working on a market stall. Can they convince her to make a statement in court and save her dad from going back to prison? Meanwhile, Bob tries to make small talk with Ged, but is coerced into asking Harriet to lie when she has to give evidence against his nasty cellmate.

When former couple Vanessa and Kirin decide to go to a networking event in Birmingham, Belle can’t help but feel disappointed that it’s not her who’s going along. But she soon has a smile on her face when Kirin compliments her and says he’s he’s completely over Vanessa.

7:00pm, Friday, 4 September 2015 | ITV



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