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Emmerdale: Is Megan pregnant? (Tonight)

Megan's been determined to get her revenge on Jai ever since she found out that he's having an affair with her business partner Leyla. Now she's come up with a plan to get her own back – by getting him sent down for a crime he didn't commit! But it won't only be Megan who will benefit – if she pulls it off it could mean that Rachel will get back her son Archie. However, just as she begins to put her plan into action, Megan has another situation to deal with when she obtains a pregnancy test…

Bob's in prison after breaking the conditions of his bail and he soon realises he's out of his depth when he meets his cellmate Ged. Back in the village, Brenda stands by her man and ask Pollard for help, while Harriet's unnerved when she hears who Bob is sharing a cell with because Ged is a violent criminal who she had locked up during her days as a copper. Later, this has painful consequences for Bob when Ged gives him a vicious beating!

7:00pm, Wednesday, 12 August 2015 | ITV

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