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Emmerdale: Has Ross’s body been found? (Monday)


Emma and James experience one of the worst days of their lives as they’re called to the mortuary to identify a corpse. But will the body be that of their missing son Ross? Pete is petrified his killer crime is going to be uncovered and tells Finn to prepare for the worst… As guilt eats away at Pete, will he confess to murdering Ross, his brother, for sleeping with his wife?

When Zak sees Sam and Rachel rowing, he’s concerned. But when he probes, Rachel reacts wildly and promptly bans Zak and Lisa from Ruby’s funeral. Her erratic decision leaves Zak more worried than ever.

Struggling to cope with Val’s death, Pollard refuses to discuss his wife’s funeral with her sister, Diane.

7:00pm, Monday, 24 August 2015 | ITV

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