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Emmerdale Tue Aug 14

Emmerdale: Emotions are high at the memorial service

Emmerdale Tue Aug 14

The villagers gather in the church for a service in memory of those who died because of the helicopter crash: Val, Ruby…and Ross? Well, Pete knows what happened to him, but no one else is sure. Emma is positive, though, that she doesn’t want to see Debbie, who she blames for Pete’s misery and Ross’s disappearance. But soon the focus of attention moves from Debbie to Ashley. Is he up to leading the service?

Ashley has also forgotten to book a taxi to bring Sandy home from a hospital appointment. And while Sandy’s waiting for a bus, he’s confronted by some unfriendly youths. Is he in danger?

Jai’s confronted by his angry father, Rishi. Has he lost all the people he cares about?

7:00pm, Tuesday, 18 August 2015 | ITV


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