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Emmerdale: Did you kill Katie?

Did you kill Katie?

Andy’s not having any of it when Aaron claims Katie phoned him moments before her death because she was planning to leave Andy. Knowing he and Robert are hiding something, Andy furiously confronts Robert wanting to know what happened. Slamming his brother against a wall, Andy asks Robert if he had something to do with Katie’s death…

Meanwhile, Paddy wants to talk to Aaron, too. He clocked Andy talking to him and wants to know what’s going on. Soon, Chas is involved, as well. The pair reel as the guilt-ridden lad unburdens himself of Robert’s killer secret which has been eating away at him for months.

On a date, Belle swoons as Kirin kisses her, despite Zak and Lisa’s earlier warning about getting involved with their daughter. As they kiss, they’re unaware Lachlan is watching and seething with jealousy. Later, the furious teen walks along the river and spies Ross’s rucksack. Fishing it out, Lachlan opens it and is stunned to find a gun stashed inside.

7:00pm, Tuesday, 22 September 2015 | ITV

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