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Emmerdale: Chas takes a deep breath and faces Diane (Monday)

Chas takes a deep breath and faces Diane

Chas fronts up to the hospital where Diane is in recovery from the stabbing. But neither Diane nor Victoria are ready to forgive Chas for the incident, even if it was an accident. After being kicked out, Chas curls up on her own at the empty farm – and when she wakes up, she’s freaked out by what she sees…

Diane’s nightmare continues, too, as the doctors deliver more upsetting news about her health.

In court, Robert takes to the stand. But will he heed Lachlan’s plea to help out his mum Chrissie?

David worries as Pollard seems to have lost all sense of reason and is fixated on Chrissie’s trial. How far will his obsession go?

7:00pm, Monday, 30 November 2015 | ITV


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