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Emmerdale: Carly's given one last chance

carly hope

Needing a place to stay, Carly’s given one last chance at Tug Ghyll by Vanessa and Leyla, her former housemates. Will she stay out of trouble?

Harriet’s shaken when she finds Sandy out cold at Ashley’s! After discovering the gas had been left on she can’t be sure whether the OAP made a mistake or whether it’s the work of Bob’s evil former cellmate, Ged, who is out for revenge on Harriet and her loved ones.

Having been knocked back by Kirin, Belle’s mortified. Lisa and Joanie try to cheer her up by sharing their memories of the horror stories they had with boys. Meanwhile, Kirin tells Vanessa about Belle. It’s clear the vet and her ex lover are really regretting their split.

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