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Emmerdale: Carly turns up for Bob’s court case



It’s time for Bob to stand trial for fraud. Brenda’s in a right state and snaps at Harriet who’s trying to pretend that everything is OK. As the judge outlines Bob’s crime, the cafe owner feels thoroughly ashamed of himself. When Carly turns up at the last minute, will her conscience kick in and force her to speak out to save her dad?

Belle's excited as she prepares to head off to Birmingham with Kirin. She fancies him big time, but when she acts on Joanie’s advice to be confident and kisses Kirin, will he reciprocate?

Alicia’s left stunned when David announces he’s thinking of buying back the shop as he doesn’t want to go back to Portugal.

7:00pm, Monday, 7 September 2015 | ITV


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