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Emmerdale: Andy’s arrested for the shooting! (Tuesday)

robert sugden, andy sugden

*Hour-long episode*

Having seen his comatose brother Robert, Andy's then arrested. Suspicion is running rife in the village. The police want little Sarah's phone causing Debbie to wonder if Andy, her ex, might have shot Robert.

Joanie has a nightmare when her car conks out. With no signal on her phone, she tries to climb a wall to get her mobile to connect. She fails and takes a terrible fall, leaving little Kyle strapped in in the car. Luckily, Zak comes by in the nick of time. But OAP Joanie has been shaken up by the whole thing.

At the factory, Lisa clocks something going on between Belle and Kirin and wants answers from her daughter. Leyla learns Megan wants to shut down their business.

7:00pm, Tuesday, 29 September 2015 | ITV


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