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Emmerdale: Aaron reports his dad to the police!

Aaron reports his dad to the police!

Aaron confronts his demons and reports his dad to the police. But will they be able to prove an historic case of sexual abuse? As Cain tells the Dingles the terrible truth, Aaron acts out his pain, ripping a photo of himself, which he took from Gordon’s place, into smithereens.

Already struggling with the demands of parenting a young baby, Kirin’s going to have his work cut out with baby Johnny when Vanessa’s taken ill with the norovirus. She has to spend two days away from her baby, who never seems to stop crying...

Dressed to seduce Nikhil, Leyla’s thrown off her stride when Carly makes a clumsy comment to Nikhil, which sends his paranoia about Jai into overdrive.

7:00pm, Monday, 8 February 2016 | ITV

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