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ELEMENTARY (CBS) - Protecting Kitty


Season 3 Episode 6

"Terra Pericolosa"

Holmes and Watson search for a thief who committed murder to steal a rare map. Meanwhile, Watson becomes concerned with Sherlock's escalating interference into Kitty's burgeoning personal life...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch Full Episode![/button]


Elementary starts now. Joan asks Kitty if he behaved himself. Kitty asks if she means Sherlock or Clyde the turtle. Kitty gets a text from Sherlock demanding her immediate presence. Kitty says Sherlock has been giving her more responsibilities. Joan says Sherlock will take advantage so it’s good to make him wait sometimes. She says she was going to go for drinks with some new mates last night but then he needed her.

Joan’s phone pings and nags at her saying Kitty’s phone lets him know that she’s read the text. Kitty goes to the map room of the library and finds out she’s not there to pick up a map. The curator/librarian says he was robbed and he thinks it was one of the guards, a man named Gerald who didn’t show up for his shift. He says he noticed certain maps were gone.

He tells her these are the drawers maps were missing from and video surveillance was closed off. He asks why Sherlock is not there in person and Kitty says he’s finishing other business. He says it would be bad for them if word gets out from this. She looks around. He says if Gerald returns the maps, he won’t press charges. She says the locks were picked except for one. She says she thinks the man realized he needed help.

The man says even if it was an inside job, he still needs discretion. She pushes back the top of a rolling display and then grabs her phone. He asks if she’s calling the police. She says she’s calling Sherlock and he needs to call the police. The man looks inside the exposed space and sees a dead body.

Sherlock shows up with Gregson and asks Kitty how she knew to look there.

She says she knew the thief couldn’t leave Vogel or walk him out past the other guards. Marcus tells Sherlock he must be proud of her finding her first hidden corpse. He says he is. Joan is there too. Sherlock says it’s alarming that they got their before the cops and offers to share some traffic avoidance tips. Sherlock says much of this crime is a smoke screen to cover the primary crime. He says he thinks just one map was the real target.

He says most are convenient and at an easy height. The one drawer up high is out of the way and difficult and he thinks that was the one target and only one map was taken from the drawer. It’s a pre-1800 map of a county in Virginia. The curator says it’s worth about $200k and others are worth more. Joan says the map was on loan from a name she recognizes – Hollis Bray. She says hospital wings are named after him and he’s passed away.

Sherlock says maybe one of the family will know. They go see his granddaughter who says no one has thought about what he loaned the library and says no one would even know it was there. Sherlock says it was recently digitized and that’s how the thief may have found out about it. She says it was of King James County, where her family is from and says she’s not sure why it would be wanted. Sherlock tells her the library was embarrassed about the crime.

Sherlock wonders if this expert thief committed other similar robberies. He asks the woman for her help visiting other archives to see if they’ve been robbed. She agrees to help. Joan looks at crime scene photos when her doorbell rings. It’s Kitty. She says she has some of Clyde’s things that Sherlock thought he needed. She hands Joan the things and she says it’s just one of tonight’s errands. She says she’s off to have a look at some other potential crime scenes.

Sherlock opens the door next morning to Joan who was picking the lock. She says he didn’t answer the door and he says he meant why was she picking it so noisily. He says Gregson should be apprehending the killer right now and says Kitty will be letting him know soon. Sherlock says he found three archives he thinks the person robbed. He says Rene Duchez was an alias the guy used to sign into the archives a few days before the robberies.

Joan asks aren’t maps strange theft targets but Sherlock says cartographer’s espionage is a grand tradition. He says the guy is either a collector or is selling to collectors. Sherlock says he ground a business – a frame shop – he thinks the killer may own. It’s owned by Stuart Zupko – a cartographer who has a robbery background. Kitty texts and says they found Zupko but he’s dead. Gregson tells Joan and Sherlock that Zupko was their killer.

They found most of the stolen materials and Kitty asks why the killer would leave it behind. Sherlock says it’s a fake and not the real Bray map.

They take it to Bray’s granddaughter who asks how they know it was a fake. Kitty explains how you can tell and the woman says she’ll take their word for it. Gregson says it’s a possibility that her grandfather actually donated the fake rather than it being replaced. She says she doesn’t think he would have knowingly done it.

Kitty says she thinks Zupko was hired to steal it then killed because what he stole was a fake. They worry her family may still have the original which will put them in danger. Joan comes to see Sherlock and he’s looking at photos of a blonde. He says Zupko killed the guard then he was himself killed. He says the Bray map was one from an Atlas created by a man named Edward Smythe. He says Smythe is in vogue and breaking old atlases is a trendy thing.

He says some people are collecting all of the pages of an atlas and reassembling it. She say if a person had gotten all but one page, they might do this. Sherlock says a man named Austin Cornblatt who’s been trying to reassemble it and he may have hired Zupko or knows who might have. The photos of the blonde are ones Sherlock used to create a honey trap profile to get Cornblatt to let “her” see the map pages he’s gathered.

She asks where Kitty is and he says he sent her for staples. She asks if he’s running Kitty ragged. She tells him he should ease up and let Kitty have some social time. She offers to fill in but says she won’t buy him staples. She gets annoyed with him. He gets a text from Cornblatt saying he sold the collection to an anonymous buyer months ago. Cornblatt waits for “Amber” in the park. Marcus meets the guy and asks him about Amber1776.

Cornblatt asks if she’s under 18 and then freaks thinking he’s in trouble. Marcus sits and asks about the Smythe’s Virginia atlas. He says the PD is trying to locate the buyer and would like any records he might have to help them. Marcus promises to keep the Amber stuff confidential. Cornblatt gives him the name of a law firm that facilitated the sale. Sherlock and Joan go to wait at the law firm. They are being delayed and ignored so far.

Sherlock says a helicopter is landing on the roof. She hears it and IDs the model – not really – but making fun of him. He asks if Kitty has mentioned her coffee shop buddies. She asks if there is something wrong with them. He says there’s a young man in the group. Sharon Tavener, a partner, comes out and asks them to come with her. She introduces them to William Hull. Sherlock recognizes him as a real estate magnate who’s been destroying New York’s sky line.

Hull has brought the atlas. He says he heard they were interested and says they can have it. He says he’s interested in the original Bray map and says he’d like to hire Sherlock to find the map. Joan asks if he knows Zupko. He says he never heard of the dead thief until it made the news. He says he has info he think can help with the case – info about a third party who’s interested in the map. They ask why he didn’t mention it to the cops and he says he wasn’t sure and didn’t want to get sued.

He tells them he wouldn’t have shown up if he did this. He says they can make a lot of money and if the third party is the killer, they can bring him to justice. Sherlock says the guy was trying to buy their allegiance and wants them to funnel it to him if they find it. Sherlock says the guy can’t care less about the map. He says what is a map, but a record with information. Joan says there’s information they want, not necessarily the physical map.

Kitty, Joan and Sherlock look at an enlarged version of the forged Bray map. Kitty says if it’s a copy, shouldn’t all the info be the same but Sherlock says he thinks the real map has some added info. Sherlock shows them some photos of the map from pre-1940 from her family’s archives. Since the map was forged in the 40s, these photos should show the real map. Kitty gets a call and Sherlock says she can’t take it. Joan butts in and says she can take it.

Kitty goes to the bathroom to stop the argument. She leaves and Joan tells him he can’t police Kitty like that. He says he’s training her and Joan thinks he’s making her a shut in. Sherlock says the guy will call again and again. Joan says this is the crap he put her through. He tells her that she and Kitty are in totally different frames of minds but he does it with a load of sarcasm. He says he’s not being selfish, he’s protecting her. He says she’s come a long way.

He says if a dalliance goes wrong, Kitty will be hurt. Joan gets it but pushes back on him about it. Sherlock says he’ll make copies of the photos and says they can look at them independently. Sherlock turns on an overhead projector which wakes Joan. He displays a photo on the wall and says the question they should have asked was not how the original and fake map differed but how the Bray map differs from reality. He overlays the actual land form over it.

Joan says it all lines up pretty perfectly but he shows her a change in a river. He says an Indian casino is scheduled for that spot. He says the map could be the project’s death blow because an Indian treaty hinges on that map and that is what allows them to build the casino. He says the Bray map clearly shows that the casino land was not part of the reservation and the map could be admissible in court. Hull owns competing casinos but Sherlock says he’s not the killer.

Joan asks then who it is. They go to see Leon Moody, the manager of a casino. He says they’re consultants with the NYPD. They tell him they know he’s head of the Algonquin Gaming Commission. They tell him two people were killed and he should offer information to find the killer. He tells them to leave but then Kitty shows video she took earlier of the blackjack tables. He tells her to delete them but she says that face cards aren’t coming up as statistically often as they should.

Sherlock offers to report him to the gaming commission for rigging the odds against their customers. They just want a name and he tells them to come with him. He hands them a forgery of the Bray map. Joan asks why he’s showing it to them. He says they just realized the map was at the library and says they had a forgery made and they were going to swap it out to protect their interests in case it was subpoenaed. He says they were shocked to hear about the robbery.

He says when word broke the library map was a forgery they realized they were worried over nothing. He says he hopes the real map never shows up. He says he wishes he could have been more helpful. Joan looks at a model of the new casino and says he’s been more helpful than he thinks. She says she thinks she knows who killed Zupko.

Bray’s granddaughter comes down to the PD at Gregson’s request. (Of course she’s the killer – she’s a semi-famous guest star – Mamie Gummer – from Grey’s Anatomy, the Good Wife and the prematurely canceled Emily Owens MD). Sherlock tells her about the casino that was worried about the original map and Joan points out where the casino will go. Joan says she knows her family owned land nearby and stood to make big money from the project.

Kitty says they know she had to throw the history of the map into question to help the casino project move forward. Ms Bray asks if they are suggesting she had people hurt. She says the map that was stolen was forged in the 1940s and says she wasn’t even born yet. Sherlock says she hired Zupko to steal the original and then she had the forgery made with ink from the 1940s and then killed Zupko and left the fake there as “evidence.”

They tell her they know she hired Franco DeMasi, an old school thug, to do this. She says a career criminal’s word isn’t any good. They tell her that Franco kept the original map and gave her a forgery. Her prints are on the original and Gregson says his word against hers is looking pretty good.

Sherlock waits for Kitty. She comes in with groceries and he asks her to sit. He tells her Joan told him he owes her an apology. He says some of the errands he’s sent her on were beneath her. He says he knows about Zachary from the coffee shop. He says he knows the guy is courting her in a plodding way. He says he was worried about her so he kept her too busy to socialize. He says that was a mistake. He says he’s very proud of her progress and should have trusted her.

Kitty says she knew he knew about Zachary and what he was doing running her around. She says she was glad to be kept too busy to see him because she was afraid. She says Zachary is sweet and likes her but what Sherlock did made her feel protected and loved. She’s crying and says to stop moping because she has ice cream to put away. She goes to the kitchen. He follows her in and looks in the bags. He helps unpack the groceries.

He says Joan offered to help out more to give Kitty more free time. He says he’s going to take her up on the offer so she can have the time do with what she wants. He helps her unbag their food and asks if Zachary has an aversion to insects. He tells her he wants to take her to an entomology exhibit today and says maybe Zachary could join them. She says she’ll call him to find out.

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