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Eileen falls for Phelan's lies and kisses him in Corrie!

Coro, Eileen Grimshaw, Pat Phelan, Anna Windass

Scheming Pat Phelan has made Anna's life a misery since he returned to Coronation Street.

And this week, the twisted builder spreads more lies about his past relationship with Anna in order to schmooze his way into the affections of Eileen Grimshaw.

Will Eileen fall for Phelan's lies and become another one of his victims?

Flattered by the attention she's been getting from Phelan, Eileen enjoys an intimate lunch with him in the bistro.

Anna's horrified when she walks into the pub and sees Eileen and Phelan together.

Phelan's told Eileen that Anna's bad attitude towards him is because they had an affair and Anna's never got over being dumped!

When Anna's ex Kevin hears about the supposed fling, he wants answers…

Despite being warned about Phelan's lies by Anna and Izzy Armstrong, Eileen's refuses to believe he's bad news.

And, after a couple of drinks in the Rovers, Eileen invites Phelan back to No.11, where they share a passionate kiss… But how much further will they go?

Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, 14 March.

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