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EastEnders: Will Gavin kill Phil? + (Other Friday Listings)

Will Gavin kill Phil?

Kathy is at the police station talking to Marsden, but what is she talking to them about? Later, Marsden turns up in Albert Square, looking for someone... Meanwhile, Gavin gets wind of Gavin's plan. Furious that she's turned on him, will Gavin stick to his threat and kill Phil?

Abi is worried about Ben following Ben's mammoth drinking session. As Ben nurses a hangover, Abi tries to get to the bottom of his mood but has little success. Later, Paul tries the same thing, only to be quickly shut down.

Pam is still struggling over Les's revelation. Now the truth is out, Pam makes a drastic decision. What does it mean for her and Les?

8:00pm, Friday, 23 October 2015 | BBC1


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