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EastEnders: Will Abi betray Max in court? (Wednesday)


Jane visits Lauren in the hospital to find she's already had her baby. Left alone with Abi, Lauren insists Max didn't kill Lucy, begging her to tell the truth in court. When Abi leaves, Lauren tells Jane that if Max is found guilty she won't stay quiet. In court, Abi takes the stand. What will she say?

Roxy finds out about Charlie and Ronnie's split, encouraging Ronnie to talk to Charlie about Matthew. Furious that Ronnie is insisting Matthew stay with her, Charlie vows to fight dirty to keep Matthew. Finding Roxy, Charlie tells her he chose the wrong sister, asking her to leave the Square with him...

Whitney is increasingly concerned about Lee, admitting to Mick that he's been finding things difficult lately. Worried about his son, Mick confronts Lee, who agrees to see a doctor.

7:30pm, Thursday, 17 September 2015 | BBC1

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