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EastEnders' week ahead: Bed alert as Masood and Carmel are caught in the act

Shabnam is left absolutely horrified when she walks in on her dad in bed with fiance Kush’s mum - and he doesn't take it well either

With Kush at his stag do, Shabnam heads to his flat but gets more than she bargains for when she finds Masood and Carmel in bed together. How will Shabnam react?
In-laws: Shabnam finds Masood and Carmel in bed together

Most engaged couples would be delighted to know their parents were getting on – but you don’t want them getting too close…

So Shabnam is left absolutely horrified when she walks in on her dad Masood in bed with Kush’s mum Carmel.

Then to make it worse for the bed partners, Kush catches them at it as well. As Shabnam and Kush reel from the discovery, Masood makes a hasty exit but he is in big trouble.

As he tries to explain his actions, Kush is livid and the pair end up fighting in Albert Square, all of which obviously sets Shabnam off crying.

Mick manages to calm Kush down and send him back to his stag do at The Vic, which incidentally isn’t going too well.

But there is more emotional trauma to come for the bride and groom.

After a heart-to-heart with Masood, Shabnam finally reveals she can’t remember the last time she felt her baby move.

After waiting all night for some activity from the baby, Masood insists they go to hospital, but Shabnam, clearly in denial, wants to keep waiting.

Meanwhile, Kush has a surprise for Shabnam when he shows her the nursery for their baby, but he doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting when she runs out upset.

Sonia's causes a stir has Stacey has a scan

ITVStacey's annoyed when Martin quizzes the nurse about her bipolar during her scan
Big mouth: Stacey's annoyed when Martin quizzes the nurse about her bipolar condition during her scan

In other baby news, it’s the day of Stacey’s scan, but she’s having a dilemma about whether to take her medication for her bi-polar condition.

Martin gets wind of the problem when interfering Sonia mentions the drugs might be affecting her hormones. He brings it up half-way through the scan, and the pair end up arguing.

Then someone needs to buy Sonia a wooden spoon with all that stirring she’s doing. First, she gives Stacey advice about her ex-husband, and then suggests to Martin that if he’s got doubts he should leave Stacey.

There’s more tension when Martin gets extremely drunk at Kush’s stag do and Kush says Stacey needs to make a decision about her future with Martin.

Kathy Beale is back. Nearly. Honest

ITVRonnie tells Phil that she knows about Kathy
Secret's out: Ronnie tells Phil that she knows about Kathy

Kathy Beale is very nearly back in Albert Square for good – but when will she return?

Tensions are high between Sharon and Phil as he is behaving very suspiciously.

And then Phil’s day gets even worse when Ronnie reveals she knows Kathy is alive. Seems the secret is getting out…

Elsewhere, Carol reveals Dot will be out of prison soon and suggests doing something with Nick and Jim’s ashes.

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