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EastEnders: Things are looking grim for Max

jake wood

Max refuses to listen to Marcus's advice, prompting Marcus to turn to Carol for help. As the proceedings kick off for the day, Phil is angry when Marcus lays into Ben on the stand. After furiously warning Marcus to stop his accusations, Phil is told to leave. Preparing to take to the stand, Max tells Marcus to stop using Abi's name. Refusing to listen, Marcus brings up Abi, causing Max to snap.

Realising that Max is trying to protect Abi, Carol agrees to help Marcus after all. Max is shocked when Marcus brings up Max's childhood, forcing him to admit he was physically abused as a child. Carol returns home to a big surprise – Robbie is waiting for her! Later, Marcus visits Jane, asking if she's all set for tomorrow...

Sharon and Phil are forced to close ranks when Marsden warns them she knows they're hiding something. Meanwhile, Vincent is unimpressed when Ronnie gives him the cold shoulder. Later finding out why, Vincent finally admits his feelings for her.

Also, Fatboy tells a worried Dot about what's happened to Charlie.

7:30pm, Tuesday, 22 September 2015 | BBC1

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