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EastEnders: Stacey has a shock on Halloween! (Plus other Friday listings)

Stacey has a shock on Halloween!

In this hour-long Halloween special, Stacey puts up the last of the decorations for her Halloween party. Finding an engagement ring hidden in Martin's toolbox, Stacey is stunned, telling him she's not ready to get married. At the party, a romantic Martin goes ahead with the proposal anyway... Things take a shocking turn when Stacey is electrocuted by a plug socket that a distracted Lee failed to finish fixing. Stacey's rushed to hospital. Will she and the baby be okay?

The Mitchells and Beales are nervous on Halloween night, with a loose Gavin still on their minds. The evening descends into terror for Kathy, Ben and Phil, who are trapped with no escape. As they attempt to save themselves another shocking truth comes to light...

Mick is worried about Linda when she insists on having a quiet night on the sofa instead of dressing up as Lily Munster for the Vic's Halloween bash. Encouraging Linda to open up, Mick's horrified when she confesses that she's changed since Dean's attack. Will her words push Mick to do something stupid?

8:00pm, Friday, 30 October 2015 | BBC1


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