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EastEnders: Sharon wants to know who 'K' is!


Phil hides a bag of cash in The Arches, later discovering Ben and Jay, who have found Kathy's sunglasses. When Ben jokes that Phil has another woman, Phil snaps at him. Back home, Phil panics when Sharon picks up his phone and asks who 'K' is...

Shabnam makes preparations for the nursery and is taken aback when Kush says he can't help out as he's decided to go abroad for his stag do. After a chat with Stacey, a hurt Shabnam decides to confront Kush, only to find him decorating the nursery. Kush reveals the 'stag do' was a cover so he could finish the nursery as a surprise.

Stacey opens up to Shabnam over her concerns about taking her medication while pregnant. Realising she needs to talk things through properly, she books an appointment with the midwife.

Also, Carmel arrives at Kush's, wanting to stay.

7:30pm, Thursday, 20 August 2015 | BBC1

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