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EastEnders: Sharon finds Kathy in the Arches! (Monday)

Sharon finds Kathy in the Arches!

Phil has been trying to keep his family away from the Arches as Kathy is hiding out there. Suspicious that there's something going on, Sharon heads to the Arches to find out. Calling out, she is left stunned when she's faced by a very much alive Kathy!

Jane talks to Marcus Christie despite Sharon's warning to stay away from him. After coming up with a plan to stop Max going down for Lucy's murder, Marcus leaves. Jane's not alone for long, however, as she has a surprise visitor... A very pregnant Lauren turns up, revealing she knows who killed Lucy.

Ronnie needs to speak to Charlie, leaving him gobsmacked when she tells him that their marriage is over.

8:00pm, Monday, 14 September 2015 | BBC1


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