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EastEnders: Sharon fears for Phil's life (Monday)

Sharon fears for Phil's life

Sharon tells Margaret she wants a divorce, not realising what's really happened to Phil. After Kathy tells Ben and Jay that they found Phil's blood, Sharon also learns the truth, but refuses to believe it. Horrified when Marsden confirms it was Phil's blood, Sharon is stunned when a battered Phil falls through the door!

Shabnam is determined to forge ahead with the residency application for Jade. Questioning Fiona when she sees her in the Minute Mart, Shabnam wants to know what her chances are. Furious to see Shabnam talking to Fiona, Dean confronts her. Shabnam comes up with a plan to help her secure Jade...

Paul does his best to reunite Les and Pam, having a heart to heart with his granddad. Has he talked his grandparents round?

8:00pm, Monday, 26 October 2015 | BBC1


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