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EastEnders: Shabnam struggles to move on (Monday)

Shabnam struggles to move on

Shabnam returns to work, but she's still feeling fragile. After a heart-to-heart with pregnant Stacey, she agrees that they need to stop avoiding each other. When Stacey leaves, however, Shabnam breaks down. Meanwhile, Stacey insists on going to her scan without Martin, returning to say she didn't get a photo.

Ian and Bobby are back in the Square, soon running into trouble when an angry Bobby overhears Jane talking to a journalist about Max. After Sharon gives Ian some home truths about his disappearing act, Ian promises Jane he'll make things better. Ian writes Jane a letter. What is he up to?

Linda is uncomfortable having Elaine's new man Jason in the pub, asking him to leave after an altercation. Mick finds a solution after realising there's more to Linda's disapproval than there seems. Later, Mick and Linda find Jason downstairs with Babe, both in a state of undress!

8:00pm, Monday, 5 October 2015 | BBC1


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