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EastEnders: Shabnam and Kush learn heartbreaking news


Masood encourages Shabnam to go to the hospital. In denial, Shabnam wants to wait until mid-morning and the baby’s normal time to kick. When Kush proudly shows Shabnam the finished nursery, he’s shocked when she runs out, upset.

After talking to the midwife, Masood tells Shabnam that they need to go to the hospital immediately. Learning that the midwife can’t find a heartbeat for the baby, Shabnam asks Masood to phone Kush. When Kush arrives the doctor breaks the heartbreaking news that their baby has died...

Martin copes with a hangover as he takes Stacey out to lunch in an attempt to convince her he’ll step up. Revealing she may stop taking her meds, Stacey gives Martin the option to leave her now. What will Martin decide?

8:00pm, Friday, 28 August 2015 | BBC1


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