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EastEnders: Phil finds out where Kathy's staying

Phil finds out where Kathy's staying

Phil has a text from ‘K’, asking him to meet up in the park. When he arrives, he’s shocked to find Gavin and not Kathy. Gavin explains to Phil what happened after the incident at St Pancras train station...

Returning home, Phil is confronted by barmaid Tracey, who reveals Kathy has called with an address for him. When Ronnie finds out that Phil is going to find Kathy, she insists on going with him. Spotting Phil and Ronnie getting into the car, Gavin decides to follow them. Ronnie finds Kathy’s room number, but with Gavin following them, have they got there in time?

Meanwhile, Jane makes a risky move, while Ronnie makes a momentous decision about her relationship with Charlie.


8:00pm, Friday, 11 September 2015 | BBC1

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