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EastEnders: Pam pushes Les away + (other tv listings)


Les is frustrated when Pam shuts down on the anniversary of the death of their son. Turning to Patrick for support, Les is encouraged to go back home to attempt to get Pam to open up. When Pam refuses to share her grief, Les is pushed back into the arms of Claudette...

Kathy approaches Ben at the Mitchells', desperate to speak to her son. Despite initially telling her to leave, Ben warms to his mum and they share a hug. Letting slip that she's still with Gavin, Kathy admits that Gavin has Phil held hostage and wants money!

Kush finds Shabnam talking to Jade's social worker, Fiona. When he discovers that Shabnam didn't tell Fiona about Zaair, he arranges to see Fiona to set the record straight, telling her about losing their son.

8:00pm, Monday, 12 October 2015 | BBC1


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