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EastEnders: Max moves in on Carmel!

Carmel tries to build bridges with Stacey but is given short shrift. A still angry Stacey refuses to let Carmel see Arthur. Overhearing their spat, Max takes Carmel for a drink to talk things over. He later has a word with Stacey to try to encourage her to change her mind about Carmel. Will he succeed?

Bex is not best pleased when Michelle covers for Tina at the cafe with her. When Louise, Madison and Alexandra turn up and cause trouble, a frustrated Bex asks Michelle to leave. Outside the cafe, a miserable Michelle bumps into Sharon and confides in her over her troubles.

Lauren continues to feel irritated by Steven and bored stuck at home. After convincing Whitney to go out for the evening with her, Lauren leaves Steven unimpressed.

Also, Whitney and Johnny asks Abi for advice about Lady Di.

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