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EastEnders: Masood and Carmel are caught in bed! (Tuesday)


Shabnam invites the ladies - along with Aunt Fatima - round to hers to prepare her Mendhi dress while Kush is out on his stag do. When Denise and Carmel have a drink, Aunt Fatima is unimpressed. Later, Shabnam heads to Kush’s and finds Masood in bed with Carmel!

Stacey crashes Kush’s stag do, finding a very drunk Martin. Unimpressed she decides to drag him home. When she learns about Sonia warning Martin to be sure about their relationship, she confronts Sonia. Listening to Sonia’s explanation, Stacey is left rattled.

Tina gets an idea when she overhears Carol talking about scattering Jim and Nick’s ashes when Dot gets out of prison. Suggesting to Mick and Shirley that they scatter Stan’s ashes at Billingsgate market, however, doesn’t go down too well.

Also, Whitney gets a worrying letter.

7:30pm, Tuesday, 25 August 2015 | BBC1


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