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EastEnders: Lee discovers Mick and Shirley's secret

Lee discovers Mick and Shirley's secret

Mick is obliged to tell an upset Lee and Nancy the truth about him and Shirley after Elaine insists he confess. When Mick pops round to tell Shirley the news, Buster also finds out, after walking in on them talking. Later, at Roxy's engagement party, Lee drunkenly confronts Shirley, forcing Buster to step in.

Ronnie is determined to stop Roxy going ahead with her engagement, turning to the family for support. Despite the Mitchells disapproval, Roxy insists on have an engagement party. Ronnie tries to show Roxy what Dean's really like, but will her plan work?

Kim has spent the night with Vincent, but is in two minds over whether to give him another chance. Will Vincent be able to talk her round? Meanwhile, Billy is mortified about the embarrassing drunken message he left on Honey's voicemail.

7:30pm, Thursday, 12 November 2015 | BBC1


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