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EastEnders: Lauren goes into labour! (Tuesday)


Lauren is torn when Jane pleads with her not to tell the truth about Bobby, as she insists Max will be found innocent. Determined to ensure Max is set free, Lauren begs Abi not to give evidence against him. In a bid to stop Cora testifying, Lauren delays her at the Vic, only for Cora to be taken to court by the police.

Pushed to breaking point, Lauren visits Jane, insisting she's going to reveal all about Bobby. Matters are taken out of both of their hands when Lauren's waters break - the baby is on its way!

Lee is first to take the stand in Max's trial. It's not long before Marcus's questioning puts Lee's evidence in doubt. Back in the Square, Charlie realises Ronnie has a thing going on with Vincent. What will he do?

Also, Sharon makes a drastic decision.

7:30pm, Tuesday, 15 September 2015 | BBC1

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