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EastEnders: Kathy prepares for her verdict

Kathy prepares for her verdict

Kathy prepares for her day in court, nervous that things may not go her way. When she's given a suspended sentence and allowed to return home, she is delighted. Back in the Square, Ben and Ian celebrate with their mum, bringing out the champagne.

Stacey visits Shabnam to find her on a supervised visit with Jade. After Fiona leaves the room, Stacey is shocked when Shabnam coaches Jade to tell the court if she feels unsafe living with the Carters. When Stacey has a go at Shabnam she stubbornly refuses to listen.

Heading to the Vic to practise Linda's wedding hair, a concerned Stacey confesses that Shabnam took Jade to the park without permission. Realising it could scupper Shabnam's custody case, Stacey begs Linda not to say anything. Mick has overheard - will he tell Shirley?

8:00pm, Monday, 30 November 2015 | BBC1

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