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EastEnders: Janes Plans to Say She Killed Lucy!

Jane plans to say she killed Lucy!

Jane runs to Sharon in a panic when she wakes to find Ian and Bobby gone. When Phil overhears, Sharon lies that Ian and Bobby have gone away while the trial is on. Alarmed when Jane reveals she’s going to ask Marcus to help Max, Sharon takes matters into her own hands...

Jane realises her plan is falling apart, deciding the only option is for her to go down for Lucy’s murder instead of Max. Calling Keeble, Jane tells her she needs to speak to her. After Phil gets the truth from Sharon, Jane is about to answer the door to Keeble when she’s stopped in her tracks by Phil...

Ronnie finds herself on her own when Charlie’s too busy to spend time with her. Out in the Square, Ronnie takes a fall, seen by Vincent, Kim and Claudette. Sending Kim and Claudette on their way, Vincent helps Ronnie home.

7:30pm, Tuesday, 8 September 2015 | BBC1

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