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EastEnders: Jane drops a bombshell in court! (Wednesday)


Jane prepares her witness statement to help Max then writes a card to Ian. Worried that Jane is falling apart, Masood pays her a visit and learns she's planning to help Max in court. Rattled by Masood's concern, Jane asks him to leave.

Lauren is surprised when Jane visits with her card for Ian, asking Lauren to pass it on. After Jane leaves, Lauren realises what Jane is planning. Racing to the court to stop her, Lauren is too late as Jane is already on the stand. Jane describes to the court her version of what happened on Good Friday, making a shock revelation...

Sonia is suspicious about Robbie's unplanned return, bombarding him with questions. Frustrated by Sonia's interference, Robbie fobs her off. Later, Sonia sees Robbie taking money from her purse. What is he hiding?

7:30pm, Thursday, 24 September 2015 | BBC1

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