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EastEnders: Ian's revelation stuns Kathy!

kathy sullivan

Kathy gets a taste of her old life after helping Ian out at the cafe. Feeling guilty, she tells Ben that she can't go through with their plan. After Ben angrily reminds her that they have to do this to save Phil, Kathy then finds herself face to face with a menacing Gavin. A family meal later ends in disaster, with Ian dropping a bombshell on Kathy...

Kim's confronted by a worried Denise when it's clear she won't have it out with Vincent. Learning Vincent's mystery woman is Ronnie, Denise is furious, rowing with Roxy about her sister. Kim later tries to put Vincent in his place, but will it work? Ronnie eventually tries to build bridges with Roxy.

Pam is still reeling from Les's confession. With a lot to take in, can she bring herself to stand by him?

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