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EastEnders: Dot comes home


Dot returns to the Square to a warm welcome from Charlie and the family. Exhausted by all the fuss, Dot sneaks out to the launderette. When Ian finds her, they have a heart to heart, with Dot admitting she wishes she’d turned Nick in for his own good.

Jane is struggling with her conscience over Max, suggesting to Ian they ask Marcus to help him out. After Ian’s chat with Dot, he agrees to meet Marcus and provide Max with an alibi. When Bobby gets into trouble at school for fighting, however, Ian decides on a more drastic course of action...

Vincent sees off Dean when he catches him having a go at Ronnie for trying to talk to Roxy. Concerned for Ronnie, Vincent walks her home, annoying Charlie. Meanwhile, Lee talks to Whitney, revealing he’s been asked to testify at Max’s trial.

8:00pm, Monday, 7 September 2015 | BBC1


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